We are the Brown Family Nik, Felisa, Ryot, and Rocco, and the people behind Elevated Chocolates.


This delicious adventure all started when we helped our friend, Stephanie Terry, open Medicine Mama's Farmacy. While standing in her kitchen talking about new products for her business, Stephanie expressed how she wanted to introduce chocolates to her product line but she did not want to make them. So naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to combine our love of art and food. 

We launched April 20th of 2019, and the response to our products was so overwhelmingly positive we decided to attend local artisan markets to reach a larger audience and give more people the opportunity to try our chocolates. 

We hope to provide the highest quality and wildly unique chocolate creations we can. Thank you for helping support our dreams.


Medicine Mama's Farmacy

2418 Hillsborough St

Raleigh NC 27607


Call or text us at

(919) 307 - 5306 

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